Oliver Jewell Marine Scientist

My name is Oliver Jewell.
I work on the sea.

I’m a Marine Scientist, Spatial Ecologist and Postdoc researcher at the University of Western Australia, with a keen interest in sharks and conservation. Please visit my Academic Profile for my scientific output and Media Credits for some of the places my work has featured.

Personal Summary

Welcome to my site. I’m a marine biologist, spatial ecologist and oceanographer and specialise in the research of marine wildlife. I’ve worked with sharks since my first visit to South Africa in 2007 and have been involved in research projects in Africa, Europe, Australia and North America ever since. Much of my research has focused on white sharks but I have also worked with several other species of shark and ray, sea turtles, sea birds, marine mammals, fisheries and aquaculture. Please click below if you’re interested in my academic profile or timeline otherwise feel free to click on the various projects listed above.

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