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I am a research scientist first and foremost. My specialisations include spatial ecology, biologging, biotelemetry, oceanography and conservation. I also have a passion for communication and education, as well as a broad interest in the natural world.

Outside of my commitments to science, I have worked in the ecotourism and education sectors, combining my passion for all three to make the most of my employment opportunities.

Below you can find my academic profile, publication record, teaching and supervision history. For media credits and a list of collaborators I’ve worked with, please find dedicated pages here (for media) and here (for collaborators). Otherwise, click below to read more.

Education and Research Positions

Current Position


  • PhD Conservation Ecology 06/2017-12/2021

    Thesis title: Global seascape ecology of the white shark

    Murdoch University - Supervisors: Adrian Gleiss, Taylor Chapple and Salvador Jorgensen

  • MSc Zoology 08/2011-04/2013

    Thesis title: Foraging ecology of the white sharks at Dyer Island, South Africa

    University of Pretoria - Supervisor: Marthán Bester

  • BSc (Hons) Oceanography 10/2005-06/2008

    Thesis title: Observations on the biology and behaviour of white sharks from a cage diving vessel

    University of Southampton - Supervisor: Ken Collins

Previous Research Positions





  • Reply to: Caution over use of ecological big-data for conservation

    Nuno Queiroz, Nicolas E Humphries, Ana Couto, Marisa Vedor, Ivo Da Costa, et al. and David W Sims

    Nature - 595: E20-28

  • Reply to: Shark mortality cannot be assessed by fishery overlap alone

    Nuno Queiroz, Nicolas E Humphries, Ana Couto, Marisa Vedor, Ivo Da Costa, et al. and David W Sims

    Nature - 595: E8-E16

  • Ancillary data from animal-borne cameras as an ecological survey tool for marine communities

    Taylor K Chapple, David Tickler, Ronan C Roche, Daniel TI Bayley, Adrian C Gleiss, Paul E Kanive, Oliver JD Jewell, Salvador J Jorgensen, Robert Schallert, Aaron B Carlisle, Jyodee Sannassy Pilly, Samantha Andrzejaczek, Martin Wikelski, Nigel E Hussey, Barbara A Block

    Marine Biology - 168: 106




  • Future Research Directions on the “Elusive” White Shark

    Charlie Huveneers, Kirin Apps, Edgar E Becerril-García, Barry Bruce, Paul A Butcher, Aaron B Carlisle, Taylor K Chapple, Heather M Christiansen, Geremy Cliff, Tobey H Curtis, Toby S Daly-Engel, Heidi Dewar, Matt L Dicken, Michael L Domeier, Clinton AJ Duffy, Richard Ford, Malcolm P Francis, Georgia CA French, Felipe Galván-Magaña, Emiliano García-Rodríguez, Enrico Gennari, Brittany Graham, Barry Hayden, Edgar Mauricio Hoyos-Padilla, Nigel E Hussey, Oliver JD Jewell, Salvador J Jorgensen, Alison A Kock, Christopher G Lowe, Kady Lyons, Lauren Meyer, et al.

    Frontiers in Marine Science - 5: 455


  • Sex‐specific and individual preferences for hunting strategies in white sharks

    Alison V Towner, Vianey Leos‐Barajas, Roland Langrock, Robert S Schick, Malcolm J Smale, Tami Kaschke, Oliver JD Jewell and Yannis P Papastamatiou

    Functional Ecology - 30(8): 1397-1407

  • Guidelines for evaluating performance of oyster habitat restoration should include tidal emersion: reply to Baggett et al.

    Brenda Walles, F Joel Fodrie, Sil Nieuwhof, Oliver JD Jewell, Peter MJ Herman and Tom Ysebaert

    Restoration Ecology - 24(1): 4-7

  • Tracking white sharks in a dynamic system at the southern tip of Africa

    Oliver JD Jewell and David Edwards

    PeerJ PrePrints - MARES Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation 2016 DOI:10.7287/peerj.preprints.1689v1


  • Tracking sharks without teeth: a non-invasive rigid tag attachment for large predatory sharks

    Taylor K Chapple, Adrian C Gleiss, Oliver JD Jewell, Martin Wikelski and Barbara A Block

    Animal Biotelemetry - 3(1): 1-7


  • Core habitat use of an apex predator in a complex marine landscape

    Oliver JD Jewell, Michelle A Wcisel, Alison V Towner, Wilfred Chivell, Lize Van der Merwe and Marthán N Bester

    Marine Ecology Progress Series - 506: 231-242


  • Gauging the threat: the first population estimate for white sharks in South Africa using photo identification and automated software

    Alison V Towner, Michelle A Wcisel, Ryan R Reisinger, David Edwards and Oliver JD Jewell

    PLoS ONE - 8(6): e66035

  • Fine scale movements and activity areas of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in Mossel Bay, South Africa

    Oliver JD Jewell, Ryan L Johnson, Enrico Gennari and Marthán N Bester

    Environmental Biology of Fishes - 96(7): 881-894

  • Foraging ecology of white sharks Carcharodon carcharias at Dyer Island, South Africa

    Oliver JD Jewell and Marthán Bester

    University of Pretoria - MSc Thesis

  • Environmental influences on the abundance and sexual composition of white sharks Carcharodon carcharias in Gansbaai, South Africa

    Alison V Towner, Les G Underhill, Oliver JD Jewell and Malcolm J Smale

    PLoS ONE - 8(8): e71197



  • Effects of smart position only (SPOT) tag deployment on white sharks Carcharodon carcharias in South Africa

    Oliver JD Jewell, Michelle A Wcisel, Enrico Gennari, Alison V Towner, Marthan N Bester, Ryan L Johnson and Sarika Singh

    PLoS ONE - 6(11): e27242

Teaching Positions Held

Selected Public Talks

  • Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) Webinar 04/2020

    MMF - Cryptic habitat use of white sharks in kelp forest revealed by animal-borne video

  • Ontario Professional Foresters Association (OPFA) Invited online talk 05/2020

    OPFA - Where white sharks are and how to track them

  • Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Invited Presentation, London, United Kingdom 06/2019

    ZSL - A sharks eye-view on foraging ecology

  • Murdoch Annual Research Symposium 07/2019

    Murdoch University - Sharks, cameras and kelp - Winner of two awards

  • Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) Conference, Norwich, United Kingdom 07-2018

    FSBI - Cryptic habitat use of white sharks in kelp forest revealed by animal-borne video – Winner of Best Speed Talk

  • Department of Fisheries, WA, Invited Presentation, Perth, Western Australia 09/2017

    Fisheries, WA - Physical drivers in the habitat use of white sharks

  • European Elasmobranch Association Conference (EEA), Bristol Aquarium, United Kingdom 10/2016

    EEA - Complex relationships between white sharks and ecosystem engineers

  • Keynote Address: WIAS Science Day, Nature Technology, Wageningen University, Netherlands 02/2016

    Wageningen University - Advances in biotelemetry of techniques to study large fish, sharks, and rays

  • MARES Conference, Olhão, Portugal, 02/2016 (Digital Object)

    MARES - Tracking white sharks in a dynamic system at the southern tip of Africa.

  • Sharks International, Durban, South Africa 06/2014

    KZN Sharks Board - Core habitat use of an apex predator in a complex marine environment

  • European Elasmobranch Association Conference (EEA), Plymouth, United Kingdom 11/2013

    EEA - Core habitat use of an apex predator in a complex marine environment

  • Dyer Island Conservation Trust Press Conference, Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa 06/2013

    Two Oceans Aquarium - Gauging the Threat; presentation and Q&A session made with other authors of the manuscript

  • Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS), Cambridge University, United Kingdom 03/2013 (Poster)

    SCCS - Establishing the home range of South African white sharks

  • Marine Life Talk, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton, United Kingdom 03/2013

    NOC - A journey with white sharks

Research Awards

  • Holsworth Research Endowment

    Ecological Society of Australia - June 2018 and 2019

  • Murdoch Annual Research Symposium

    Murdoch University - Best Fast Forward Talk and People’s Choice Awards, June 2019

  • Fisheries Society of the British Isles Conference

    FSBI - Best Speed Talk, July 2019

  • Australian Wildlife Society, University Grants

    AWS - June 2018

  • Journal of Experimental Biology, Travelling Fellowship

    The Company of Biologists - May 2018

  • VLS Small Grants

    Murdoch University - April 2018

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, Australian Postgraduate Award and Top-up Scholarship

    Murdoch University - June 2017

  • University of Pretoria Postgraduate Research Scholarship

    University of Pretoria - April 2012

Previously Supervised Students

  • Karin Schultz (MSc. Biology – Biodiversity: Conservation & Restoration) 2016

    University of Antwerpen - Manila Clam invasion in the Dutch Scheldt aided by restoration protocol?

  • Rick Chin Leong (MSc. Marine Environment & Resources) 2016

    Universities of Bordeaux, Basque Country and Liege - The physical effect of oyster reef presence on surrounding tidal flats

  • Lies du Puydt (MSc. Environmental Science) 2015-2016

    Open Universiteit - Underwater surveys of inter and subtidal oyster reefs in the Oosterschelde, Netherlands

  • Olav Dobber (BSc.) 2015-2016

    Stenden Hogeschool Leeuwarden - Benthic succession of the Oesterdam sand nourishment, Oosterschelde, Netherlands

  • Meryllin Deuer (Hons Zoology) 2013

    University of Pretoria - Investigating the occurrence of injuries in white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in Gansbaai, South Africa

  • Giovanni Visser (BSc. Hons Animal Behavior & Welfare) 2012-2013

    University of Plymouth - The tagging and tracking of Carcharodon carcharias in Gansbaai, South Africa, can it be improved?

  • Toby Rogers (BSc. Hons Oceans, Climate, and Physical Geography) 2012-2013

    University of Liverpool - The behavioural differences and environmental responses of Great White Sharks (Carcharodon carcharias)