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My various appearances across a range of media outlets.

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Selected Media Credits

Here are a selection of my media credits from recent years. I'm an experienced public speaker and presenter but have also applied myself as a technical fixer, skipper, wildlife expert and narrator for various television and media productions over the years. These productions have included the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel among others. Please get in contact if you are interested in my services. Also please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions and a focus on finishing up my PhD, I am limited in my media availability for the rest of 2020.




  • Project White Shark

    After 3 years away from South Africa, our biologging team finally returned to tag some more sharks in Gansbaai.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium - Salvador Jorgensen, Presley Adamsen, Taylor Chapple, The Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Oliver Jewell



  • BBC Shark

    I was the fixer, skipper and permit holder for the filming of many of the white shark scenes from the show.

    BBC One - Steve Greenwood, Andy Brandy Casagrande, Wilfred Chivell, Oliver Jewell, Dyer Island Conservation Trust and others



  • Master Chef South Africa

    Being a part of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust led to many exciting outreach projects, one of the most fun was filming with MasterChef South Africa. You can watch the episode (26 or 27) on Amazon Prime or read about our appearance on the show here.

    MasterChef South Africa - Brenda du Toit, Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Mnet

  • Carte Blanche - Sharks in Trouble

    Carte Blanche is one of the top investigative television shows in South Africa. In 2013, following our recent paper and press conference on the population numbers of white sharks in Gansbaai, they filmed a special with all our research team and ecotourism operators.

    Carte Blanche, MNet - Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Alison Towner, Michelle Wcisel, David Edwards, Wilfred Chivell, Oliver Jewell

  • Gauging the Threat

    You can read more about the paper, press conference and documentary on our dedicated page.

    Dyer Island Conservation Trust - David Edwards, Wilfred Chivell, Alison Towner, Michelle Wcisel, Ryan Reisinger, Oliver Jewell

  • Roughing it Out

    Roughing it out is an adventure challenge kids show on SABC2 made by our good friends and long-term collaborators at Insync Productions. In this episode they visit Gansbaai to help us with our shark research.

    SABC2 - Insyncproductions, Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Conservation Trust

  • South Africa - Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

    Grootbos is a long-term business partner of Marine Dynamics and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. When they filmed a new promotion video in 2013 it was the first chance I had to work with a team collecting footage from drones. We got some incredible footage, in particular catching the Cape cormorants heading out to forage.

    Grootbos Private Nature Reserve - Grootbos Nature Reserve, Lloyd Koppel, Graffiti Tour Operator, Oliver Jewell, Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Cruises, Dyer Island Conservation Trust


  • Shark Wranglers - History Channel epp. 6-10

    We were involved in the second leg of the Ocearch's South African white shark tagging expedition. As one of the site permit holders for Gansbaai (along with Alison Towner) I was involved in selecting which locations were used, which sharks were tagged and coordinated sample collections on the deck while sharks were landed.

    History Channel - Chris Fisher, Ocearch, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Ryan Johnson, Alison Towner, Oliver Jewell and others

  • Air Jaws Apocalypse - Shark Week 2012 - Discovery Channel

    Following up on the success of our filming for Great White Invasion the year before, Jeff and Chris returned to film in Gansbaai with Ali. I served as skipper for this part of the show.

    Shark Week 2012 - Jeff Kurr, Chris Fallows, Alison Towner, Oliver Jewell and others.

  • Extreme Animal Attacks - National Geographic

    It's never good to hear about an animal attack but being able to provide expertise on the ecology and behaviour of the animals involved can help us understand why they may have happened. That was my role in this show.

    Nat Geo Wild - National Geographic, Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Oliver Jewell


  • Killer Shots - National Geographic

    Killer Shots was my debut on National Geographic and my first time working with Andy Brandy Casagrande. I served as skipper and local expert for the show, in which we tried to get close ups of sharks hunting at Dyer Island.

    National Geographic Channel - Andy Brandy Casagrande, Oliver Jewell and others

  • Great White Invasion - Shark Week 2011

    Alison Towner has been researching white sharks in inshore areas of Gansbaai since 2007. In 2010 Chris Fallows and Jeff Kurr joined our team as we tagged and tracked them. I served as skipper and shark tagger on this expedition. And handled Chris's camera while he was paddle-boarding, getting the famous shot of him with a large white shark checking him out.

    Discovery Channel - Jeff Kurr, Chris Fallows, Alison Towner, Oliver Jewell and others


  • The Birkenhead and Overberg - Travel Channel

    The Travel Channel covered the trail of the HMS Birkenhead that sunk of Danger Point in 1845 and joined us for at Marine Dynamics for a white shark cage dive.

    The Travel Channel - Marine Dynamics


  • Predator X - The History Channel

    My TV debut! I was one of Ryan Johnson's interns at SAMPLA, Mossel Bay and handled the bait for his shark tagging scenes. I was mostly pensively staring out to sea in my scenes but I learnt a lot about production documentaries.

    The History Channel - Ryan Johnson, Patrick Drukenmiller, Oceans Research and Others